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In today's market, the buyer is the dominant factor, and everything depends on the needs and "color" of consumers. Under the pressure of inventory and sales, many door and window accessories enterprises "rush" to add one after another, hoping to reduce the pressure, such as blindly expanding product lines, promoting new brands, supplementing business categories, etc. Finally, because the lines are too long, the management, operation and human resources can not keep up, and the enterprises are in deep trouble

the way and means for door and window accessories enterprises to seek new development is to stabilize and combine with reality; Unrealistic and blind expansion can only lead enterprises to a deeper quagmire. Because some successful models can borrow money, but some models can't, because the market demand environment has changed. If you follow the old model, or don't absorb and identify, blindly follow the trend, you won't gain, but also miss the good opportunity

in addition, as a door and window accessories enterprise in the traditional industry, when opening up new markets to inventory, creating quality brand construction, upgrading and optimizing channel construction, consolidating traditional channels, water related e-commerce and other new channels, it should also implement the combination of its own strength (capital, technology, etc.) and product advantages (quality, service, etc.), and make a scientific overall plan before going to the vertical and horizontal development

in terms of subtraction, door and window accessories enterprises should also make adjustments that keep pace with the times, and must not stick to stereotypes. Cut down redundant costs, overstaffed team configuration and lengthy product lines, simplify the process, and quantify performance appraisal; The decision-making level of the enterprise should get rid of impetuosity and focus on the advantages and categories they are good at, so as to maximize the overall interests of the enterprise

every enterprise has its own advantages and specialties, and the way to success is to find an innovation model suitable for itself. Unrealistic blind addition or reduction, the result may not be achieved





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