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Sofa has become a necessary furniture for many families. There are generally three kinds of sofas on the market: low back sofa, high back sofa and ordinary sofa between the first two. The following editor will introduce the maintenance of several sofas:

1 Fabric sofa. Everyone should know that sofa cleaning methods of different materials are different. Fabric sofa cleaning is the most exquisite, otherwise it will easily become old. When you buy a new one, you should put detergent on it. If there are large areas of stains, please ask professional personnel to clean it. Where it is easy to get dirty, you can put sofa towels on it. See the tips of sofa cleaning. Generally, you still need to use professional detergent, and remember to use too much force

2. Leather sofa. Everyone should know that leather sofa is a relatively high-grade furniture, so we should pay more attention when cleaning it. The pH value of the detergent of the leather sofa is about 5~7. Don't spray too much and too wet when spraying the detergent. Be sure to wipe it several times with a rag to keep the surface of the sofa wet

3. Iron and solid wood. Generally, there are relatively few sofas of these two materials, only some of which are on the sofa frame. Solid wood and iron can't be too dry or too wet, so it's easy to rot and deform. When cleaning, don't be too wet and don't put it in the sun. It's better to often wipe with a dry cloth, but you really can't use detergent, but you should also dry it as soon as possible

in order to make furniture durable and extend its service life, the following points should be achieved:

first of all, when furniture is transferred, it should be lifted and placed gently, not dragged and pulled hard; When placing furniture, it should be flat and stable. If the ground is uneven, the legs should be padded to avoid damaging the mortise layout

secondly, furniture should not be exposed to strong sunlight, nor should it be placed in places that are too hot and dry, so as to prevent wood from drying and deformation

third, furniture should not be placed in a very wet place, otherwise the wood will swell when wet, and it will rot easily over time, and the drawer will not open

fourth, for large wardrobe and furniture, don't put heavy objects on the top of the cabinet, otherwise the cabinet door will show a protruding shape, forming a loose door, and clothes should not be pushed too much. Don't go beyond the cabinet door, so as to prevent the cabinet door from deformation

fifth, the furniture made of plywood should not be washed with water or wiped with a wet rag, nor soaked in alkaline water, so as to prevent the splint from loosening and degumming and damage the furniture

sixth, if there are cracks in the furniture, it can be mixed with putty and paint, embedded and leveled to ensure durability. However, we should pay attention to the color of putty and pigment together with the original paint to prevent scar marks

nowadays, the quality of everyone's life is constantly improving, and furniture has become the favorite of every family. All kinds of furniture are not only decorations in the room, but also essential daily necessities. So it is essential to maintain our sofa

the above is about the sofa. If you want to know more relevant information, please pay more attention to it and will provide you with more complete, detailed and updated information




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