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Oushennuo ceramic county is inviting investment, and we sincerely invite you to join us

Oushennuo ceramic county is inviting investment. We sincerely invite you to join us

osheno ceramics is now attracting investment in an all-round way! Since its establishment in 2000, Oushennuo ceramics has adhered to the tradition of independent innovation and pursuit of excellence, focused on technological innovation and basic scientific research of materials, and specialized in the production and operation of various high-end building ceramic products, including light bricks, vitrified bricks, glazed wall and floor tiles, matte bricks, various kinds of wall and floor tiles, mosaic waist lines and other varieties of high-end building ceramic products

at the same time, Oushennuo ceramics has three modern ceramic production bases, located in Guangxi, Foshan, Taodu (covering an area of 1200 mu) and Jingdezhen, the Millennium ceramic capital (with an investment of 1.3 billion yuan and an area of 1800 mu)

(Jingdezhen production base)

Oushennuo ceramics has opened a new recruitment and business model this time. The strength advantages of Oushennuo's top ten brands and the five plus alliance guarantees provide the whole process store opening guarantee for the plus alliance dealers, so that the dealers can easily open stores

activity strategy

the passionate and energetic elite marketing team will build a team and benchmark for you, and comprehensively improve your operation, management and sales capabilities

customer channels

open up major business opportunity channels such as online e-commerce platforms, link offline stores, create a new o2o retail operation system, break through tradition and attract customers efficiently

(Casaro Fashion Museum, Foshan)

big data marketing

using the big data analysis system, it provides data support such as national real estate, 3D cloud computing, brick changing DIY, business analysis, user portraits, efficient order negotiation and strategic planning

brand achievements

over the past 20 years, it has won more than 200 honorary awards and patent certification. The high-end quality of the brand is obvious to all and is trustworthy

(Foshan Casaro Fashion Museum)





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