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In the past two years, many enterprises in the field of building materials or home furnishings have been planning cross industry layout. Zhang Jian sang all the way with Baidesheng and moved forward quickly. We can't help asking: why

in the past two years, many enterprises in the field of building materials or home furnishings have been planning cross industry layout. They took a fancy to the "big cake" of the customized home furnishing industry, throwing billions of dollars and entering with a high profile, but most of them stumbled and even fell in despair. Zhang Jian, however, sang all the way with Baidesheng and moved forward quickly. We can't help asking: why

Zhang Jian, CEO of Yum! Brands

Zhang Jian, CEO of Yum! Brands, came across the border. He once served as the executive vice president of del flooring, leading del to be successfully listed on the A-share market in November 2011. However, less than a month later, he resolutely chose to leave and came to the wardrobe industry, which is currently in fierce competition

in 2012, when he entered the wardrobe industry, yum! Had an annual sales of more than 50 million; By 2014, the annual sales of Yum! Brands had reached 226 million. In just two years, the performance has achieved an increase of more than 400%, making Yum! Brands an enterprise with a valuation of 1 billion for PE company! In the eyes of many customized enterprise bosses who have worked for more than ten years, this is a miracle and incredible! Moreover, Zhang Jian came from other industries

how did he do it

the ribbon cutting ceremony of the production of BDS Suzhou factory

to cross the border, first adjust the mentality

Zhang Jian said that although he was optimistic about the customization industry at the beginning, his understanding of the industry was zero. At that time, he entered with a learning mentality in fear. This is also an important reason why he can always maintain his passion and make Yum! Brands develop rapidly. Therefore, he suggested that cross-border peers should first adjust their mentality, first of all, put their mentality back to zero, start from learning, be a student first, and finally enter the industry; Secondly, we should have an unremitting will to persist for a year or two, or even a lifetime; Then, after becoming an industry person, seek change

1. The state of mind does not return to zero, which is fatal

"and many people who cross the border do not return to zero, which is fatal." Zhang Jian said, "the way of thinking must be combined with the characteristics of the industry, rather than transplanting your successful experience in other industries, thinking that it is separated from each other. Each industry has its own characteristics. When you blindly step into it without understanding it, your previous successful experience may be stranded in a new field."

from the perspective of enterprises, cross-border is nothing more than two levels: a strategic level and an implementation level. From the strategic perspective, what needs to be considered in cross-border business is the endowment and resource status of the enterprise itself; From the perspective of Internet thinking, it refers to the entry of enterprises and consumers, as well as the extension after the entry, what can be achieved. In addition, the implementation level is very prone to problems. Therefore, when you step into a new field, you should first return to zero and grasp some objective laws in this field. It is difficult to succeed if you rashly use the thinking of another industry without a deep understanding of this industry. Therefore, many cross-border enterprises failed to enter the wardrobe industry. The fundamental problem is that they did not use the thinking of the customization industry to land

Zhang Jian believes that if you choose to cross the border, you should have a zero mentality, maintain a modest and studious heart, and grasp the objective law of its operation, so that you can successfully cross the border

2. Have enough persistence

although Yum has been established for 14 years and has trained many talents for the customization industry, it can be described as the "Whampoa Military Academy" in the customized wardrobe industry, but the brand popularity is not high, and the phrase "not forgotten, but rarely mentioned" is very appropriate

at the beginning, Zhang Jian crossed the border from the flooring industry to the customized wardrobe industry alone. Although he was bent on bringing Yum to the market, he didn't know how long it would take to "endure" this road at that time

at last year's annual meeting, wangmeimei, the shareholder of Yum! Brands, said that Zhang Jian's three years in Yum! Brands were described in two words as "suffering". Zhang Jian laughed: "In a word, ignorant people are brave. Because I really don't know that this industry is so difficult, especially for people like us who have crossed the border. If I look back four years ago, I wouldn't choose this kind of freeze frame at that time according to my own current idea. I didn't expect so much investment, and this kind of investment can't be seen in the early stage. It's the most appropriate to describe it as' suffering '. Plum blossom fragrance is bitter and cold Come. "

Zhang Jian's suffering is mainly the process of mastering the objective laws of the operation of the customization industry. This process is difficult and takes a long time. Without enough persistence and firm belief, success is just empty talk

it is hard for us to imagine that the person who has led the company to successfully list will give up the industry that operates freely and turn to a strange industry. From scratch, on the road of difficulties, he will maintain a high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, overcome difficulties and persist for three or four years. Maybe only such persistence and perseverance can make a successful person

3. Systematic service awareness

what is the biggest difference between the customization industry and other industries

customization industry is not only an operation mode of manufacturing industry, but also an expression of service industry. The most important thing in the customization industry is to have more service awareness. Enterprises must have the concept of service chain and system construction

in general industries, for factories, if the product quality is no problem, sales will not be a problem; For the customization industry, product sales is only the first link, and many service-oriented systems are needed to support sales

therefore, for the operators of customized enterprises, systematic service awareness is very important. In this regard, Zhang Jian summed up six words: system, details, taste - system construction comes first; Pay attention to key details; You should have taste. Service awareness is very important, but we cannot serve for the sake of service. The fundamental purpose of service is to solve two problems: the problems of consumers and dealers. Service consciousness should start from the fundamental purpose

overview of BDS Suzhou factory

hustle and bustle outside and inside, and make drastic adjustments to the system

BDS' explosive growth rate, which makes the peers look at Zhang Jian with new eyes. In addition to self-improvement in mentality and consciousness, what measures did he take

Zhang Jian said, "I made a five-year plan for Yum! Brands, the first year (2012) It is an internal adjustment, called the internal base year. Although I am facing an enterprise with a history of more than ten years, this is a new team, which is actually a newly established enterprise. In addition, three shareholders, one after 50, one after 60, and then I am after 70, need a running in period. Mr. Jiang said that to fight outside, we must first settle inside, and the interior must run in well. "

2012: the first year of the internal foundation year, Zhang Jian focused on dealing with internal affairs. He used his rich experience in enterprise management to make bold adjustments within the company: cut off some unnecessary branches. In his own words, "if you want to practice this skill, you must first go to the palace". After the adjustment, dead leaves fell, new buds glowed, and a prosperous and vibrant scene made some old dealers see hope and work together to promote the rapid improvement of overall performance

while making internal adjustments, Zhang Jian is very good at integrating resources. Among them, the core point is to choose to use the "external brain" and choose to cooperate with the consulting company "Guiren help" to make up for their lack of industry experience. After weighing the volume of Baidesheng at that time, the working background and working experience of Guiren Xiangzhu team, we finally chose the most suitable Guiren Xiangzhu consulting cooperation for Baidesheng. Therefore, when choosing a third-party cooperation, we must choose the most suitable one for ourselves. In fact, you need to make some correct choices and judgments on each node. "

for 2012, Zhang Jian has always been grateful. Even though he was suffering on the way forward, he also had a clearer idea of how to do in 2013 and a clearer direction for the development of Yum! Brands in the future because of the learning precipitation of this year; The successful adjustment of the internal foundation also provides a solid guarantee for the rapid development of Yum

2013: channel construction and expansion

after the baptism of 2012, at the beginning of 2013, Zhang Jian began to operate the company in his own way

the theme set by Zhang Jian for Yum in 2013 is the year of channel foundation, which is the construction and expansion of channel infrastructure. Because Yum! Brands adopts the franchise system, opening up channels has become the top priority of its work. An enterprise is like a tree, while the channel is the root. Only with developed root system can the tree withstand the storm and thrive

in 2013, as the last sunrise industry in the furniture and building materials industry, the market environment was very good. Zhang Jian took advantage of the trend and vigorously expanded channels on a solid internal basis. In 2013, Baidesheng attracted 199 enterprises, with a year-on-year increase of 452%. In 2014, it attracted 229 enterprises, achieving the target of 114%

2014: product base year

2014 is the product base year of Yum. This year, yum! Brands increased the research and development of new products, upgraded and optimized the flow order, and gave full play to the good-looking and easy-to-use products. At the same time, it developed a new type of environmental protection - aldehyde free addition series, so as to achieve the ultimate environmental protection. This year, another huge project was implemented - the planned factory of more than 100 mu in Suzhou. After intense preparation and deployment, the Suzhou plant was put into trial operation in May this year, laying the foundation for expanding production capacity again, ensuring the supply strength of dealers and the survival rate of dealers, which makes every step of Yum go more steadily

2015: signed brand spokesperson

on the premise of consolidating the three foundations of internal, channel and product, yum! Brands shifted its focus to brand construction, and set 2015 as the brand foundation year. Combined with the brand characteristics, yum hired singer Mr. Ping'an as the brand image spokesperson to prepare the brand for going out of the alley and to the public

user thinking, win-win is sustainable

over the years, Zhang Jian has formed a habit: the first thing in the morning is to read the information, and deal with the dealers and consumers first. He believes that this is a top priority

Zhang Jian said: "Although I don't understand some problems, my attitude is sincere. I solve problems actively, and then suffer a loss twice, and I understand it the third time. Don't think that my industry experience is very rich, which is all empty talk. I think the core is to be sincere, no matter the user or the dealer, so that others feel that you are sincerely thinking for him, serving him, and solving this problem. Everything else is good It's my biggest experience to solve the problem and compare it with others, not only to say, but also to see how you do it. "

as a manufacturer, it faces two customers, one is a dealer, the other is a consumer. Let consumers buy at ease, buy at ease, we must solve their pain points. In addition, the dealers face so many competitors and the cost pressure is so great that they can fully understand it from his perspective. Many cross-border professional managers or bosses put this kind of user thinking on their lips, but they don't have a real sense of service and don't really do it

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