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Editor's note: duplex decoration has become the favorite of many people now. It is built by raising the small jump floor to make the space three-dimensional immediately. However, the highlight of duplex design is stairs, which is a key link between the preceding and the following. The decoration effect drawing of stair handrails introduced by Xiaobian today is to show you. There can also be a lot of fashionable creativity in the creation of stairs. Let's take a look at the latest essence version of the decoration effect drawing of stair handrails

effect picture of stair handrail decoration: our stair bookcase

few people can look at the stairs from a different angle. The decoration picture of the cascading duplex stairs is actually no different from the bookcase we put in the study in a proper manner. The solid steel structure can ensure our safety when using the stairs, and there will be no potential safety hazards due to hollowing out the space under the stairs. In this way, you can at least save an area as large as a whole wall. The space originally intended to place the bookcase can now be used for something else

stair handrail decoration effect picture: gorgeous decorative drawers

common duplex stair decoration pictures, common materials, common ways of appearance, what methods do you have to make it more characteristic, more human, and, most importantly, more useful? So, how about drawers? You can place sundries without worrying about the visual clutter. The surface treatment of the drawer can also be decorated according to your preferences. Another advantage of this method is that if you want to make it a hidden storage space, you can make the drawer surface like the usual appearance under the stairs, which is safer and not easy to be found

effect drawing of stair handrail decoration: overall storage room

effect drawing of stair handrail decoration: the stairs are missing

families who like simple style sometimes feel headache for the treatment of stairs, or you think the ordinary duplex stair decoration pictures are too dull and uninspiring. In fact, the space near the stairs can be completely integrated with the stairs. A smart sliding door allows the stairs to choose to hide or open freely, and the surrounding space can be used as a small bathroom or storage room, which is practical and fun &mdash& mdash; It may also be fun to play a game of finding stairs with guests

with the emergence of a variety of house types, stairs have been common in home space. Up to now, what it carries is far from the initial role of connecting the two spaces. It is artistic, interesting and practical, which always surpasses your imagination





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