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Every year, May 1 is the common holiday for all workers - International Labor Day. China's one-stop customized home furnishing leader, mustard, pays a high tribute to the workers all over the world

May 1 of each year is the common holiday for all workers - International Labor Day. China's one-stop customized home furnishing leader, mustard, pays a high tribute to the workers all over the world

looking back on the glorious 70 years of the Republic, from "standing up" to "getting rich" and then to "getting strong", behind the infinite glory, there are hundreds of millions of labors' hard work. ― It is in the hard work, callous hands and feet, and sweating like rain, the smiling faces full of vicissitudes, the calloused hands, the bugles that ring through the sky, and the busy and unknown backs Together, we hold up a modern China full of vitality and courage, and jointly build a happy, stable, harmonious and warm life in today's China

labor is the most glorious, and workers deserve the most respect

as the creator and builder of the world, workers are full of love for their motherland, people, units, work, family, wife and children, parents, and life. They work hard and make selfless contributions, and rarely have time to relax and rest for a day

workers love their motherland the most, and the Yangtze River and the Yellow River sing the loudest

workers devote their life time and energy to the sacred mission and responsibility

workers selflessly give their fiery lives to the harvest and prosperity of the motherland, and selflessly integrate noble beliefs, firm beliefs, and dedicated youth into the foundation of the Republic, creating the prosperity of the country and the prosperity of the people

the sweat and wisdom of hundreds of millions of people have been condensed into the motherland's thousands of miles of the Yellow River and the Great Wall! Today, China is showing vigorous vitality, glowing with vitality, and stands tall among the world powers with a high attitude. The Chinese nation is marching towards great rejuvenation, stretching the arms of the Oriental Dragon and writing the splendid chapter of the 5000 year old civilization

in Dongguan, the "furniture capital of the world", as a glorious laborer, the Muscat people have been willing to be the inheritor and promoter of ingenuity and art for ten years

under the leadership of Hu Tianyue, the founder of the brand and the chairman of united beauty decoration furniture group, the hardworking, intelligent, innovative and pragmatic muster people uphold the core values of "integrating art into every part of home life", conscientiously and silently contribute, helping "muster" to win the international famous brand, CCTV China influential cooperative brand, China's first brand of one-stop customized home furnishings The top ten brands in China's whole wood custom home furnishing industry, the top ten leading brands in China's whole wood home furnishing industry, and the president of China's whole wood custom Association have become the leading enterprise in leading the continuous development of the whole wood custom home furnishing industry...

as the inheritor and developer of ingenuity and art, the mustard people adhere to the original design, are rigorous and rigorous in technology and process, and strive for perfection, selecting the top logs in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, Strictly implement the American environmental protection coating and EU quality inspection standards to ensure that every customer's whole set of home in muster is full of artistic flavor and noble quality

professional because of concentration. In 2019, mustard will continue to forge ahead and move towards the grand goal in his heart, going through trials and tribulations and never stopping

5.1 in this glorious and grand festival for workers, mustard sends sincere blessings and greetings to workers all over the country, as well as to all loyal, dedicated, pioneering and enterprising mustard families. Sincerely wish you:

happy May Day! Family happiness

good luck! Good health




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