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Shahe city regards glass futures as a new opportunity for economic development. The listing of new varieties of futures can not only provide effective hedging tools for relevant industries, but also a new opportunity for local economic development in the view of some local governments if the new varieties involve local pillar industries

more than a year ago, on the eve of the listing of coke futures, the head of the local government of Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province, one of China's major coke production bases, made it clear to the futures that he hoped to further promote the local coke industry to do better with the help of the futures market, which is of great significance to protect the environment. Now, when the glass futures of Zhengshang exchange is about to emerge, the local government and relevant enterprises in Shahe City, Hebei Province, known as the "China Glass City", are also full of expectations

the annual output of flat glass in Shahe City is about 120million weight boxes (6million tons), accounting for 17% of the country. According to Wang Jianjiang, vice mayor of Shahe City, at present, the annual output value of glass in Shahe City is 20billion yuan. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Shahe will change from a glass production center to a national distribution center. The glass industry covering raw material production, processing, logistics and equipment manufacturing will achieve the goal of a total output value of 100billion yuan

according to a person in charge of the Management Committee of Shahe economic and Technological Development Zone, the glass industry is the local pillar industry, and the tax amount accounts for one third of the local fiscal revenue. It can be said that the glass industry is the business card of the local economy

"our municipal government supports glass futures very much." Wangjianjiang said that although three to four local enterprises have been preliminarily identified as the designated delivery factory Library of glass futures, he still hopes that Zhengshang exchange can set up more delivery libraries in the local area. "We expect that after the listing of glass futures, it will play an authoritative guiding role in glass prices and promote the optimization of production of glass enterprises."

"although Shahe is the main producer of glass, a unified spot market has not yet been formed, and sales and trade mainly depend on foreign markets." According to Wang Jianjiang, Shahe municipal government is making every effort to build a local glass spot market. He expects that the listing of glass futures will promote the development of the local spot trade market and form a situation of "bringing spot with futures"

Shahe Glass Group is the most important glass manufacturer in Shahe City. The group was integrated by 10 local glass backbone enterprises in August, 2010. It has 24 float glass production lines and an annual production capacity of more than 60million weight boxes (3million tons). It is a domestic super large glass enterprise group. At present, the local glass delivery factory warehouse in Shahe also belongs to the group. For the upcoming glass futures, the group is naturally full of expectations. A person in charge of Sabo group said that in addition to hedging with futures, the factory warehouse delivery system of glass futures provides an excellent sales channel for the enterprise, which is conducive to improving the market share of the enterprise

"although a few subordinate enterprises of the group have had some experience in participating in the futures market, we still hope to get more training in futures. 4. obtaining qualification training for market access. At present, fiveorsix futures companies have contacted us." Zhangshengyun, chairman of Sabo group, said that in terms of participating in the futures market, the group will not interfere too much with its subordinate enterprises. That is, it is due to the deformation caused by the straightening of the curly high-molecular chain. It is said that if its ten subordinate enterprises participate in the futures market, they can open accounts in the futures companies. Zhonghua glass () Department

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