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On December 27, Shaanxi Construction Steel Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on production quality and on-site management. More than 30 people from the company's project management department, quality management department, production department and workshops attended the meeting

Shaanxi Construction Steel Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on production quality and on-site management. At the meeting, the head of the quality management department made a detailed report on the processing quality of the production workshop; The person in charge of the production department summarized the overall quality requirements and made arrangements for the safety and "6S" management of the production workshop in the future. The participants had a discussion on quality management and on-site management. Everyone spoke actively and put forward personal ideas and suggestions on the quality problems that need to be improved. The main causes of quality problems and the loopholes in quality management are found together, the future management methods and ideas are put forward, and suggestions and improvement measures for the existing problems are put forward. And put forward overall requirements for future quality management and site management, requiring all departments to strictly implement the company's special quality and site management system with its own characteristics and practical conditions; Strengthen the training and publicity of quality management and site management, create a strong atmosphere and improve the awareness of employees

product quality is related to the rise and fall of an enterprise. Only by constantly grasping the quality work can we remain invincible in the market competition. The meeting put forward new goals and new directions for the next step of quality improvement and site management of Shaanxi construction steel structure when the display enters the test state of 0.00, and laid a solid foundation for continuously improving product quality. (this article is from Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)

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