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Shaanxi 2014 special fund will support solar photovoltaic industry

Shaanxi 2014 special fund for industrial transformation and upgrading will support solar photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting industries. The financial support is divided into loan discount and subsidy. Qualified units shall report through the Shaanxi provincial special financial fund project reporting system, and the deadline for project reporting is september20,2013

according to the Interim Measures of Shaanxi Province for the management of special funds for the development of provincial solar photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting 2. Tensile experiment industry, Shaanxi industry and information technology lft-pp/pa is the Department of high-strength long glass fiber materials, and Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance pointed out in the notice on the application of special funds for the development of Shaanxi solar photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting industry in 2014 that the direction of financial support will focus on supporting leading technologies Major industrialization and technical improvement projects of polycrystalline silicon, solar cells, monocrystalline silicon and chips, polycrystalline silicon ingots and chips, and photovoltaic components with outstanding market competitiveness, focusing on supporting industrialization research and implementation projects of high-efficiency solar cell technology

the conditions for the application of the project are that the project meets the direction of special fund support for photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting in 2014, and the project undertaking unit is a production and operation enterprise registered in the administrative region of Shaanxi Province, with independent laws, but with influencing qualifications in terms of volume, application location, etc., whose main business is the specialized field of solar photovoltaic or semiconductor lighting, and meets the national laws and regulations, industrial policies and market access conditions, It conforms to the industrial development direction of Shaanxi Province and relevant special planning, and can drive relevant supporting industries and regional economic development

the project has complete construction procedures for urban planning, land use, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc., the loans or self raised funds for project construction have been implemented, the investment structure is reasonable, and the project has the conditions for commencement or compliance with the project under construction. The undertaking unit has good assets and operating performance, scientific and standardized management, high credit rating, strong fund-raising ability, sound financial management organization and strict financial management system, good credit and no illegal acts

in principle, new projects will not be supported for the units that have undertaken the special fund projects for photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting in previous years, and the projects have not been completed as planned and passed the acceptance. For projects that have been supported by provincial financial funds through other channels, there will be no repeated support. Zhonghua glass () Department

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