How to develop the home furnishing industry

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Under the background that the main consumer groups in the home furnishing industry are becoming younger and younger, customization and even the whole house customization industry, covering design, layout, production technology, logistics, post maintenance and other aspects, has obvious development advantages. Therefore, an enterprise, as one of the top ten brands of wooden doors, tree life believes that if it can provide customers with a better and more complete set of solutions, it will undoubtedly have strong competitiveness

with the progress of the times and the rapid development of the Internet, more and more new things have gradually approached our life through the Internet, especially in the aspects of economy, social networking, shopping, etc. The world is presented to people in this state, with the richness of material, the openness of vision, and the interweaving of virtual and reality. The post-80s and post-90s generation who got rid of traditional ideas gradually became the main body of economic construction and consumption in such a world

for example, if wooden doors are to be installed at home, in the past, consumers went to the store to choose the style of wooden doors, set the specifications and sizes, and the workers directly installed them. But now the younger generation of consumer groups pay more attention to the overall style of home furnishing, and will consider whether the wooden door itself is unified with the overall home furnishing style, rather than simply buying a practical and cost-effective wooden door. The demand port has changed its requirements for quality, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises. Therefore, the concept of big home is born in response to the trend of the times. This is not a simple problem of market and production, but that the whole society has changed. The big age will inevitably bring big home, and it is unstoppable

the change in the consumption trend of the home environment reflects not only people's material needs of the family, but also a kind of spiritual enjoyment of space. Therefore, people need more personalized solutions when choosing home furnishings. Compared with finished home furnishings, customized home furnishings can be tailored to meet the personalized needs of consumers, and have obvious advantages:

1. The main consumer groups of customized home furnishings have independent design awareness and pay more attention to the overall life art of home furnishings. Customized home furnishings can fully show the pursuit of personality, fashion and comfort of post-80s and post-90s marriageable people

2. At the same time, with the increase of small family houses, including affordable housing, customized home has taken into account both practicality and space utilization

3. When customers can buy the household products they really need at a relatively appropriate price, other products they want to buy generally also want to be customized, which is the advantage of mass customization, which gives consideration to both customized production and mass production

it is expected that in the future, with the rapid development of China's urbanization process, the continuous expansion of commercial housing turnover, the upgrading of residents' consumption structure and the transformation of consumption concepts to fashion, environmental protection and multi-function, the customized home furnishing industry is expected to achieve a new growth pattern. Tree life enterprise takes ensuring and improving product quality as its own responsibility, and produces first-class products and services with refined production management. In order to become a benchmark in the customized home furnishing industry, it bears the heavy responsibility to forge ahead, and believes in a bright brand future




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