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Temperament, is in the baptism of wind and rain, years of polishing, so as to have a calm, elegant demeanor

new image ・ new temperament

temperament is in the baptism of wind and rain and the polishing of years, so it has a calm, graceful and elegant demeanor

we pursue a minimalist design style, which is not only simple in design, but also the temperament that seeps into our bones. We are not anxious and impatient, and we can handle every detail properly with ease

the image of dinggu door's latest exclusive store has been upgraded. High end designers have been hired to work together with a professional planning team to build it. With simplicity and atmosphere as the main design line, it will interpret an atmospheric, fashionable, tasteful and temperament modern aesthetic design home furnishing Museum

the entrance is Jing

the appearance of the exclusive store is mainly black and gray, simple and atmospheric, with a strong sense of line and hierarchy. The transparent window and the original stones in front of the window form an interesting contrast, allowing nature to return to the city and find peace in the noise

or, a small scene space is matched with the top fixed ecological door and wallboard to perfectly present the artistic temperament of the integration of door and wall

situational space

the exclusive store adopts a zoning layout, which is mainly composed of a negotiation and reception area, a situational display space, a sample selection area, etc. Combined with the design of passenger flow moving line, the display of the door space of the whole house is completed to the greatest extent, and at the same time, "every place is a landscape within a square inch"

front desk space: different from the traditional front desk, the front desk of dinggu door industry's new franchise store is integrated with the whole exhibition hall space, which is neither overwhelming nor negligible. In the negotiation area, the embedded cabinet is used to make the color plate material display area, which reflects the calm temperament and fashionable design

open reception hall: overall calm, quiet and warm, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The slim screen is used as a space partition. The whole space is equipped with top fixed simple wallboards, ecological doors, slim sliding doors and window pass products to show a fashionable and simple living room environment. Fabric sofa adds warmth to the cold temperament

minimalist screen: properly partition, neat and simple lines, which not only ensures a good aesthetic appearance, but also makes the whole have a better spatial experience

bedroom scene space: Although the designer uses the main colors of black and white and gray, at the same time, the products have many materials and different textures. The layered collocation creates a sense of space, making the interior more rich and quality

cloakroom and bathroom: the minimalist slim series is the most fashionable label. Transparent glass is used to open the line of sight and avoid crowding. The collocation of white wallboard and black frame is clean and refreshing

small scene space: see the big from the small, see the small, and reflect the overall space design from the display of local collocation. Such a small scene space is a microcosm of the door space of the whole house, which not only saves the space of the exclusive store, but also fully demonstrates the design features


everyone has different dreams, but in the home business, we must look for partners with a common language. The direction of dinggu door industry is not only to sell a single product, but to provide customers with a simple, free and comfortable living environment through the customization of the door space in the whole house

let home be the place of your heart and your past. Here, have a real self, close the door, the world has nothing to do with me




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