The most popular domestic organic butanol octanol

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Ex factory price of domestic organic butanol and octanol

remarks on ex factory price rise and fall of item manufacturers

isobutanol Beihua IV/0

isobutanol Daqing Petrochemical control panel system and other components 000/0

isobutanol Qilu Petrochemical/0

n-butanol bei2 Verification method No. 4/0

n-butanol Daqing Petrochemical/0

n-butanol Jilin Petrochemical/0

n-butanol Qilu Petrochemical/0

octanol Beihua No. 4/0

octanol Daqing Petrochemical/0

otherwise, the material may degrade and change color.

octanol Jilin Petrochemical/0

octanol Qilu Petrochemical/0

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